Thursday, January 19, 2012

Is everything in this Universe related?

I can explain this by just citing a simple example. Take for instance the chair on which you are sitting reading this. Someone would have made this chair, for that someone to be born their parents had to meet, for that their grandparents had to meet, ..., the place where they exist needs to be formed, the earth had to exist, ..., the Universe had to come into being.

In the same fashion, the tree that's wood made the chair had to exist, the natural events that got together to sustain this tree had to occur, ..., the natural events of Universe had to occur,..., the Universe had to come into being.

Similarly, the machine that cut the wood into chair had to be invented, the person who invented had to exist, the school where he studied needed to be there, the schoolmates need to be there,..., the place where school stands needs to be such that the school can be instituted there, the person who founded school needs to be there,..., the Universe had to come into being.

So, if you analyse this, your mere existence at any moment is linked to innumerable activities happening around the world,..., this Universe. Hence, everything in this Universe is related.

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