Thursday, November 24, 2011

Life Questions?

1) What is Enlightenment?
2) Stars really affect us ? Is astrology something?
3) Is everything in universe related?
4) Is suicide really NO-NO ?
5) Do mantras have powers ?
6) What is life? What is consciousness?

These are the list of questions which I will be covering first and then the sessions will go on as random as spiritual thoughts come into being in me. I will be happy if you have any doubts or you would like to argue on certain points.

I believe spending some time alone with oneself is the key in deciphering all the secrets which you may have been searching for. So do spend sometime alone, thinking, analyzing about whatever comes into your mind. You need not go to a secluded place to find solace and peace of mind. It's the state of mind. You may be in crowd but you have to have a noticing mind. Analyzing , cross questioning whatever thoughts come into your mind. This will take some time but ultimately, you will attain a state of mind where you will see yourself having greater spiritual awakening. I am not sure if you can attain this by just spending time with yourself. You are free to choose and read spiritual books or spend time with some yogi or yogi-like friends which will give you a good foundation start for this thought process to begin.

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