Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why can't we find God?

Its not like we can't find God. We can find God, but for that we need to look for the proper place. Suppose you loose your ring, you need to search for that at the place where its present. If you look at the sundry places, how can you find it. And later, you can't conclude that once it is lost it disappears. This conclusion will come out of your laziness or incomplete understanding/ search.

For example, there must be one guy who is the richest person on this earth now. Have you met him? Just because you didn't meet him or see him physically, his existence can't be denied. Moreover, to have a chance to meet him you have to stand in the same plane where he is. This plane may be the richness level or the business proposition that interests him.

Similarly, to have a chance to meet God, you have to come on the same spiritual plane as Him. Just because you can't reach this spiritual level doesn't mean He is non-existent. It only proves your inability, your laziness. You want to meet the Ultimate so you need to have something that makes you capable to stand in front of him. You may believe in the richest person just because you saw his clips/ photographs in news. But when we talk of God, He is the immaterial self. How can He be contained in the material photographs!

You have to raise your inner conscious level to the point where you will see and feel His bliss. Once you attain this spiritual level and stand on the same spiritual plane, meeting Him will be obvious. It will be as easy as meeting a dear friend. Whenever you want, you can make contact with him.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why there is happiness and sadness in this world?

The Universe comes into being from nothing. There is no extra + or extra -. It started from 0. If you notice,everything that begins has an end. If you are born, you die. So, if there is happiness there has to be an equal amount of sadness so that the ultimate result is 0.

As when you started, you came into this world with nothing.So, if you cry, you will laugh to balance out. This explains why everyone has to go through this sadness and happiness cycle. There can be no one who is excluded from this.
*Enlightened souls are not considered, for obvious reasons.

Learnings from this:

1) If you do 'daan'/ 'dakshina'/`pooja', you do positives so it nullifies negatives in you.
2) You bring happiness in other's life, your life becomes happier.You go the extra mile to bring a smile in somebody's life, so someone will return the favor for you, to make it 0. [Think and Analyse]
3) When you are working hard on your goal, you are doing negative, i.e. you go through labor, discipline, abstinence, sacrifice and that's why you are equally rewarded with the same amount of positives, be it securing grades in your exam, polishing your skill, your goal fruition etc. Its simple, the more you put your effort, the more you are rewarded.

Do mantras have powers?

Everything around you is about energy, vibrations and matter. When you chant mantras, you create some kind of specific vibration associated with some intended purpose. These vibrations cause changes in you and around you aligning the forces in a proper way so that you get the desired purpose.

If you notice, mantras are 'jap' (uttering words for specific numbers/time) that helps generate these vibrations.Its not just mere dead words or you can get the affect by seeing it only. But the way you utter (proper pronunciation) mentally/vocally that generates the desired energy/vibrations that helps you.

There are two types of mantras: beej mantra and guru mantra. Beej mantra you maytake up on your own but for guru mantra you need to take it from a guru. Because, only a guru can guide you with proper pronunciation or procedure for generating the correct vibration.
Mantras are powerful weapons, so you need to be careful and take utmost care in following proper procedures and rituals to get the desired result.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Is suicide really a NO - NO ?

Continuing from my explanation for last Question (Is everything in this Universe related?). If you commit suicide, you break the natural flow of events that affects the entire Universe. All the actions associated comes to an abrupt end and then it needs to be re-arranged/fixed. Hence, suicide is a No-No.

Is everything in this Universe related?

I can explain this by just citing a simple example. Take for instance the chair on which you are sitting reading this. Someone would have made this chair, for that someone to be born their parents had to meet, for that their grandparents had to meet, ..., the place where they exist needs to be formed, the earth had to exist, ..., the Universe had to come into being.

In the same fashion, the tree that's wood made the chair had to exist, the natural events that got together to sustain this tree had to occur, ..., the natural events of Universe had to occur,..., the Universe had to come into being.

Similarly, the machine that cut the wood into chair had to be invented, the person who invented had to exist, the school where he studied needed to be there, the schoolmates need to be there,..., the place where school stands needs to be such that the school can be instituted there, the person who founded school needs to be there,..., the Universe had to come into being.

So, if you analyse this, your mere existence at any moment is linked to innumerable activities happening around the world,..., this Universe. Hence, everything in this Universe is related.

Do stars really affect us? Is astrology something?

Everything is this Universe (Infinite Space for our understanding) started from nothing, so the sum total of everything around us is always 0 at any particular moment. Everything in this Universe is matter (I am concentrating on physical entities for understanding purpose), be it stars, meteors, planets, galaxies etc.
All are made up of this matter. We live on earth, we sustain ourselves, we are born by consuming some matter of this earth. So, in a way, we are made of the same matter as is present in other objects of this Universe. Though each object of Universe may have varied composition of elements of this matter. So, are humans. Everybody has different composition of elements present in them though everybody started from earth.

In simple terms, everything in this Universe is related as we are of same matter. Now, when stars/planets move, the elements of matter present in them move, so the same entities in us have to react in a way to nullify this and hence, it has an effect on us. Everybody being of different composition thus suffer from different reactions.

Astrology, the study of celestial objects, reads you and the affect of stars/planets and gives you some rings/devices to adjust(balance) this.

What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is nothing but understanding that everything in this world is temporary. You have come to this world for a temporary period. Your existence is bounded by a timeline which is at max measured is years. You come to this world with nothing and nor too, you can take out anything from this world. What is life? What is consciousness? What are you? What is this illusion where you live? Why so much of attachment with anything knowing that everything that is born is to die, everything that is created is to perish. Why so much of emotions? Why so much of involvement? You are here to do your thing and perish.

So just be happy and enjoy the bliss i.e. life. Do good and lead a smooth life. Spend your time in knowing the guiding force, loving it and have a contentful life.

Enjoy the world of  'maaya'  but at the same time if something breaks or escapes you, you should be ok enough to let if go. It came to you and so, it went. You can't hold anything onto you forever. You don't have control on yourself, how can you try to control anything else.Running throughout this transient life trying to gather transient things for your transient self's transient emotions is meaningless. I am not asking you to be emotionless but rather if something good/bad happens take it in the same way and try to understand this 'maaya' or illusion.

We are illusion or the whole world is illusion and why so much for such illusionary phase or transient life.Again, I am not asking you to be lazy,but do your act and do your thing. Just offer yourself to the Almighty and revere God for letting you take part in this drama. He put you in this world and he would arrange for your exit.