Thursday, January 19, 2012

What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is nothing but understanding that everything in this world is temporary. You have come to this world for a temporary period. Your existence is bounded by a timeline which is at max measured is years. You come to this world with nothing and nor too, you can take out anything from this world. What is life? What is consciousness? What are you? What is this illusion where you live? Why so much of attachment with anything knowing that everything that is born is to die, everything that is created is to perish. Why so much of emotions? Why so much of involvement? You are here to do your thing and perish.

So just be happy and enjoy the bliss i.e. life. Do good and lead a smooth life. Spend your time in knowing the guiding force, loving it and have a contentful life.

Enjoy the world of  'maaya'  but at the same time if something breaks or escapes you, you should be ok enough to let if go. It came to you and so, it went. You can't hold anything onto you forever. You don't have control on yourself, how can you try to control anything else.Running throughout this transient life trying to gather transient things for your transient self's transient emotions is meaningless. I am not asking you to be emotionless but rather if something good/bad happens take it in the same way and try to understand this 'maaya' or illusion.

We are illusion or the whole world is illusion and why so much for such illusionary phase or transient life.Again, I am not asking you to be lazy,but do your act and do your thing. Just offer yourself to the Almighty and revere God for letting you take part in this drama. He put you in this world and he would arrange for your exit.

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