Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why can't we find God?

Its not like we can't find God. We can find God, but for that we need to look for the proper place. Suppose you loose your ring, you need to search for that at the place where its present. If you look at the sundry places, how can you find it. And later, you can't conclude that once it is lost it disappears. This conclusion will come out of your laziness or incomplete understanding/ search.

For example, there must be one guy who is the richest person on this earth now. Have you met him? Just because you didn't meet him or see him physically, his existence can't be denied. Moreover, to have a chance to meet him you have to stand in the same plane where he is. This plane may be the richness level or the business proposition that interests him.

Similarly, to have a chance to meet God, you have to come on the same spiritual plane as Him. Just because you can't reach this spiritual level doesn't mean He is non-existent. It only proves your inability, your laziness. You want to meet the Ultimate so you need to have something that makes you capable to stand in front of him. You may believe in the richest person just because you saw his clips/ photographs in news. But when we talk of God, He is the immaterial self. How can He be contained in the material photographs!

You have to raise your inner conscious level to the point where you will see and feel His bliss. Once you attain this spiritual level and stand on the same spiritual plane, meeting Him will be obvious. It will be as easy as meeting a dear friend. Whenever you want, you can make contact with him.


  1. This is not the question whether we can find God or not, the question is why do we want to find God?

  2. Krishan - if you start from the thought or knowing that God does exist, then there is every reason to want to find Him. If He is God, He must be the most important aspect of your life. In fact He is Life itself! And I am not speaking from a religious viewpoint but a practical one. What else is there? Many blessings, alan