Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why there is happiness and sadness in this world?

The Universe comes into being from nothing. There is no extra + or extra -. It started from 0. If you notice,everything that begins has an end. If you are born, you die. So, if there is happiness there has to be an equal amount of sadness so that the ultimate result is 0.

As when you started, you came into this world with nothing.So, if you cry, you will laugh to balance out. This explains why everyone has to go through this sadness and happiness cycle. There can be no one who is excluded from this.
*Enlightened souls are not considered, for obvious reasons.

Learnings from this:

1) If you do 'daan'/ 'dakshina'/`pooja', you do positives so it nullifies negatives in you.
2) You bring happiness in other's life, your life becomes happier.You go the extra mile to bring a smile in somebody's life, so someone will return the favor for you, to make it 0. [Think and Analyse]
3) When you are working hard on your goal, you are doing negative, i.e. you go through labor, discipline, abstinence, sacrifice and that's why you are equally rewarded with the same amount of positives, be it securing grades in your exam, polishing your skill, your goal fruition etc. Its simple, the more you put your effort, the more you are rewarded.

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