Saturday, January 21, 2012

Do mantras have powers?

Everything around you is about energy, vibrations and matter. When you chant mantras, you create some kind of specific vibration associated with some intended purpose. These vibrations cause changes in you and around you aligning the forces in a proper way so that you get the desired purpose.

If you notice, mantras are 'jap' (uttering words for specific numbers/time) that helps generate these vibrations.Its not just mere dead words or you can get the affect by seeing it only. But the way you utter (proper pronunciation) mentally/vocally that generates the desired energy/vibrations that helps you.

There are two types of mantras: beej mantra and guru mantra. Beej mantra you maytake up on your own but for guru mantra you need to take it from a guru. Because, only a guru can guide you with proper pronunciation or procedure for generating the correct vibration.
Mantras are powerful weapons, so you need to be careful and take utmost care in following proper procedures and rituals to get the desired result.

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