Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do stars really affect us? Is astrology something?

Everything is this Universe (Infinite Space for our understanding) started from nothing, so the sum total of everything around us is always 0 at any particular moment. Everything in this Universe is matter (I am concentrating on physical entities for understanding purpose), be it stars, meteors, planets, galaxies etc.
All are made up of this matter. We live on earth, we sustain ourselves, we are born by consuming some matter of this earth. So, in a way, we are made of the same matter as is present in other objects of this Universe. Though each object of Universe may have varied composition of elements of this matter. So, are humans. Everybody has different composition of elements present in them though everybody started from earth.

In simple terms, everything in this Universe is related as we are of same matter. Now, when stars/planets move, the elements of matter present in them move, so the same entities in us have to react in a way to nullify this and hence, it has an effect on us. Everybody being of different composition thus suffer from different reactions.

Astrology, the study of celestial objects, reads you and the affect of stars/planets and gives you some rings/devices to adjust(balance) this.

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